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International Architecture & Landscape Workshop 


GAIA International Architecture and Landscape Workshop has as main objective to generate a new consciousness in the development of landscape design and urbanism related to the territory. The course programme is approaches relevant topics as tourism, environment, and society. Nowadays we see tourism being used as a strategy towards economic and social development. The outlook of the workshop is to perceive tourism as a consequence of the architectural planning and not as the main objective. The architect must seek to maintain equilibrium within the social, economic and environmental factors involved in the development of a project, respecting the site’s identity. (Genius Loci)


The workshop would be held from June 9th to June 29th 2014 in La Maddalena, Italy. Organized by GAIA Studio in collaboration with public entities. The main focus of the workshop is Social, Economical and Environmental Sustainability in touristic zones. This year’s topic is developing a Waterfront for the Sardinian archipelago of La Maddalena. Within the project, participants would have to consider aspects of sustainable mobility, urban and landscape design solutions. Participants will be guided by specialists in sustainability, professors and architects that will offer a multidisciplinary approach to the development of the programme. The course also involves active participation with social aspects through conferences and meetings with the community, where arguments such as the use of natural resources will be seen. GAIA’s Workshop programme intends an innovative methodology where each participant develops the project outside the usual teaching environment by getting involved directly with the place’s culture and important aspects. The intention is to live the territory, understand all of the factors involved, and be able to propose alternative solutions. GAIA’s purpose is to achieve an exchange of knowledge and cultures through an enriching experience.


Course Details


La Maddalena is an extraordinary archipelago consisting of 7 main islands and more than 60 little ones, located in the North-East of Sardinia. Considered one of the most amazing places in Italy, La Maddalena is characterized by its unique landscapes full of Mediterranean culture and nature. The unique combination of rocks and blue water make this place one of the most attractive points in Europe, receiving every year thousands of visitors. This is a land of history where not only important characters such as Giuseppe Garibaldi lived in, but also was an strategic point during World War II in which the American army established their military camps within the peculiar landscape of the island. The island conserves all these antique constructions where people are able to visit them and involve to the place. La Maddalena had its peak point during 18th century, city characterized by buildings in Genovese style. During summer the population grows up to 300%, being tourism the main economic source.


The Workshop is intended for architecture students and young architects with interest in landscape, urbanism and sustainability matters. Students must be at least in their second year of study while the limit age for young architects is 26 years.



Workshop registration fee: 700 € (includes transfer service from Olbia’s airport)


- Accommodation in hotel for 21 nights 525 €.  june 8th - june 29th

- Medical Insurance 68 €


Saturday, May 10th Registration Deadline

Wednesday, May 21th Accommodation Payment Deadline