1.1 These general conditions are for the acquisition of products and services, carried out remotely via communications networks on the website www.gaiainstitute.com which belongs to GAIA Institute, which has its registered address at Via Amendola 2, 07024 La Maddalena, VAT no. 02374970909, Tel.+39 0789 738104, (“Organiser” or “GAIA”).
All purchasing operations will be regulated by the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 79/2011 (which implements Directive 2008/122/EC), and by any additional terms contained in brochures, booklets, catalogues and other documentation provided by the Organiser to the student by electronic means – including websites and e-mail - ("online") and in force at the time of conclusion of this contract.
1.2 The individual clauses of these general conditions will be considered independent of each other; the total or partial invalidity of a single clause or paragraph shall not result in the invalidity of any other clause or paragraph of these General Terms and Conditions.

2.1 The conclusion of this contract will take place online in stages according to the following steps:
(i) the booking request must be made using the appropriate online form – which is provided by the Organisers and forms an integral part of this contract - dulyfilled in in its entirety, accepted and submitted online by the student to the Organiser, and (ii) upon receipt of the booking request, the Organiser will check that all is in order and - in the event of a successful verification, and subject to the availability of places in the case of courses/services with limited capacity - will send notice of confirmation and acceptance to the student, the contract thereby being understood to be concluded, except as provided in art. 2.3, with the consequent creation of rights and obligations on the part of and in favour of the student and the Organiser.

2.2. The courses/services are sold online and and must be understood to be offered for sale asexplained in art. 2.1.; the contracts are understood to be concluded in Italy and it is understood that the law applicable to the contract is exclusively Italian law.

2.3 Acceptance of bookings will depend on the availability of places and isunderstood to be finalised, with the consequent conclusion of the contract, only when confirmation is sent out by the Organiser pursuant to art. 2.1 and is also subject to payment by the student.
2.4 Promotional offers or those that otherwise provide particularly favorable conditions published on this site are subject to limits of time and availability, according to criteria set by the Organiser at any time and at its absolute discretion.

2.5 Reservations made by minors will not be accepted.In the case the student is a minor, its required the authorization of parents/tutors as well as their contact information.

2.6 Any particulars of the courses/services purchased that are not contained in the contractual documents, brochures, the website of GAIA Institute or other means of communication, will be provided by the Organiser to the student in advance before the time comes to use the courses/services.

2.7 The Organiser reserves the right to derogate from the general conditions in relation to particular categories of contract (such as groups or incentives), which will be subject to the terms and conditions as specifically indicated from time to time.

3.1 Payment of the courses/services purchased online will be made by:

  1. credit card in a single payment at the time of selecting the courses/services. During the purchase you will be asked for your credit card details: if any problems arise (for example, if your bank does not authorise the transaction), the purchase will be suspended or blocked.
    If this happens, the student will not be charged any expenses, but he/she will lose the price selected during the purchase process. The following credit cards are accepted: American Express, Visa, MasterCard and any other indicated by the Site at the time of making the purchase. The corresponding amounts will only be debited after the confirmation of acceptance has been sent to the student for the chosen courses/services.
    Credit card information will be kept by the Organiser solely in order to make reimbursements in the cases referred to in articles 6.3, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4.
  2. Pay Pal. In the case of using Pay Pal, the client will be re-directed to Pay Pal´s webpage and asked to log in. According to the Terms and Conditions established by Pay Pal, the payment will be realized through the client’s Pay Pal account in the moment of acquiring the service. In the case of an eventual cancelation realized by the Client or Gaia Institute, the amount previously payed will be refunded to the Pay Pal’s account used for the transaction. In the case of requesting the annulment of the transaction, Gaia Institute does not assume any responsabilty for any kind of damage that this event may generate to the Client’s Pay Pal account. The Client’s information used for the payment is protected by privacy regulations, Gaia Institute is free of having any future access this information. Once the reservation is done, the Client will receive an e-mail from Pay Pal that confirms the payment.
  3. Bank Transfer. The student will be accepted once the transaction representing the totality of the payment is done and referred to Gaia Institute’s bank account. The process regarding the bank transfer may take up to 7 days from the moment made, in the case this process exceeds the period of 7 days the transaction will be cancelled. The bank transfer must specify the student’s name, the beneficiary (Gaia Institute) as well as the reason (ex: Italian course) of the payment.
    The bank transfer must be directed to the following account:
    Beneficiary: GAIA Institute
    Beneficiary’s Bank: FinecoBank S.p.A.
    IBAN: IT19Q0301503200000003514614

4.1 Prices include any charges expressly stated on the website and the online application form signed by the student.

4.2 The prices for courses and extracurricular activities are found the official webpage www.gaiainstitute.com. In the case of information published by other media different from Gaia Institute, the official prices are the ones stablished in the official GAIA Institute’s webpage.

At times GAIA is forced to make changes to its services and reserves the right to do so. If a significant change needs to be made, the applicant will be informed as early as possible about the necessary changes prior to their departure.

6.1 Cancellations must be made in writing to GAIA Institute. Feeswill be retainedaccordingtowhennoticeisreceived.

60 days or more – 10% deposit retained
30 days or more – 20% of the total course fees retained
29-15 days before arrival – 40% of the total course fees retained
14-8 days before arrival - 60% of the total course fees retained
7-1 days – 80% of the total course fees retained
Day of arrival or later - 90% of the total course fees retained
6.2 Modifications in your reservation, if posible, can only be done just after the cancelation of the previous reservation as indicated in point 6.1.

6.3 If during the course the student is, for proven reasons of health, objectively unable to use the course, upon presentation of a medical certificate, he/she will be entitled to terminate the contract and the Organiser will credit the representing 50% amount of the hours not used.


7.1 If the student does not fullfills the terms and condition regarding the payment and contract.

7.2 If prior to departure the Organiser cannot provide, for reasons not attributable to its students (for example if there is insufficient demand for any of our courses), including force majeure, the courses/services included in the contract, it will give prompt notice to the passenger and refund the full amount paid.GAIA reserves the right to offer an alternative course.

7.3 If after to departure the Organiser cannot provide (for reasons not attributable to its students, including force majeure) the courses/services included in the contract, it will give prompt notice to the passenger and credit the passenger with the full amount paid.

7.4 The Organizer reserves the right of canceling the contract in the case of eventual external errors that may alterate the official information presented by the Organizer. In this case the totality of the amount eventually payed will be refunded .

7.1 The student can be substituted by another person provided that the Organiser is duly informed and receives information about the identity of the transferee.The student must also receive the personal information of the person substititying with a minimum of 6 labor days before the beggining of the course

Teaching Material ( books, notebooks, etc) is not included in the course’s price, unless it’s specified in the program.


The courses and its materials are exclusively property of GAIA and are copyright protected. Students are restricted to publically make use of GAIA’s courses material (copy, distribute, sell, publicate, or any other form). Any public use of GAIA Institute’s material will be severely penalized .

11.1 The extracurricular activities programs published on the website and in the catalogue are intended to be purely indicative and are subject to changes. The timetables and itineraries could be subject to changes due to either external factors (such as, for example, weather conditions, strikes, transport delays, etc.) or the operational requirements of the service providers.
11.2 For some types of activities the providers may apply, depending on the characteristics of the same (such as, the use of means of transport operated by the student) special conditions, requirements or regulations.
9.3 As regards the specific nature of some activities, not all of these will be accessible to disabled students. Consequently, prior to purchasing the product, the Organiser recommends that students obtain information about the same through our website, catalogue or free-phone number to find out whether the activities they are interested in are accessible to disabled students.

12.1. The Organizer is not responsable for any problem or delay that a Visa or Passport tramit may occasionate.
12.2.The student is totally responsable for fulfyling all the requirements that the trip may represent, any inconvenient or breach regarding the norms is responsability of the student.

13.1 The student, subject to forfeiture, must inform the Organiser in writing, in the form of complaints, of any shortcomings in the organisation or execution of the course/service, at the very moment of its occurrence or, if not immediately apparent, within 10 working days from the expected date of return. The Organiser will examine any complaints promptly and in good faith, aiming, where possible, for a fair and amicable settlement of the same.

13.2 The student can only present any reclaim or complaint during its permanence at Gaia Institute.


In accordance with article 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30 June 2003 - Privacy Code (hereinafter the "Code"), GAIA informs you that your personal data (hereinafter "Data") supplied by you when purchasing the course/service or otherwise acquired as a result of or on the occasion of your use of the course/service will be processed in accordance with the aforementioned Code.
The processing of your data will take place both on hard copy (paper) and by electronic means, in order to ensure integrity and confidentiality, adopting the most advanced security tools, for the following purposes:
a) the conclusion, management and execution of the contractual relationship between you and GAIA Institute;
b) for purposes related to compliance with legal obligations, regulations, national and EU norms and the instructions issued by authorities able to do so by law.
c) the anonymous processing of statistics and market research in order to check the custode profiles.
Your data can only be communicated for the above purposes and to the following types of recipients:
• individuals, companies, associations or professional soffering services or assistance and advice for GAIA Institute;
• individuals whose authorisation to access the data is recognised by law and secondary legislation or regulations issued by authorities that are able to do so by law.
Other persons who may have knowledge of the data, as implementing authorities on behalf of GAIA Institute for certain processing operations, are internal staff, workingas data managers and/or controllers required to manage the relationship between both parties, and external managers appointed for this purpose.
Also for the same purposes, data may be transferred abroad to third party firms belonging to the European Union or otherwise.
The provision of such information is necessary for the execution of the contract. Among the data you provide there may be some data that could be defined as "sensitive" in the Code. Such data may be processed only with your written consent. Without this consent GAIA Institute will not be able to comply with its contractual obligations.
In addition, with your consent GAIA Institute will be able to:
1) send you information and material of an advertising and/or promotional nature, discounts, invitations, competitions, by post, e-mail, mobile phone, SMS, fax and land line;
2) exercise activity profiling (analysis of patterns of consumption choices to create individualised marketing strategies)
Regarding any material published by Gaia Institute such as photos and videos, the student is free to decide its participation in this material. This material may be published in GAIA’s oficial webpage, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). We also inform you that you will be able to exercise the rights set out in article 7 of the Code, by requesting it of GAIA Institute, which grants the interested party the right to exercise certain rights, including the right to obtain confirmation from the Controller of the existence of your personal data; to know the origin of the data and the logic and purpose of the treatment of the same; to obtain the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed unlawfully, as well as the updating, correction or, if there is interest, integration of data; to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the processing; to oppose the use of such data for the purposes of commercial information, advertising or marketing.
The Data Controller is GAIA Institute, with its registered address in La Maddalena (OT) Italy, at Via Amendola 2.

This contract and the general terms and conditions are subject to Italian law.