Gaia Institute La Maddalena: The School

GAIA is an International Institute that offers a broad branch of courses such as Italian language and culture, landscape, architecture, art, cuisine and much more. Born from an experimentary project in 2009 named GAIA, that consisted in a landscape and urbanism workshop held at the archipelago of la Maddalena. The project was developed thanks to the collaboration of Parco Nazionale dell'Arcipelago di la Maddalena. Students from the faculty of architecture of Universidad de Monterrey (Udem) Mexico were involved in the process presenting outstanding results which opened the opportunity to continue the project for the next year ( In 2013 with the objective of offering our students an international high quality study experience, GAIA Institute was borned. Located in one of the most amazing places in Italy, GAIA courses are strongly related to its territory, as well as internationally highly qualified in collaboration with other Universities.
Our offer presents the opportunity, directly from the GAIA’s web page, to design a custom program where the student really gets involved with the place, culture and people.

Our Mission

Gaia Institute’s mission is not only educating its students academically but also encouraging them to experience a different culture, place and people. The GAIA experience allows developing an integrate process of learning in which the concept “Live It” becomes the essence of our teaching.

Our location

Gaia Institute is located in La Maddalena’s historic centre in the distinguished building known as Palazzo Grondona. This building, built at the end of the 1800´s, is situated in front of La Maddalena´s main port. Its strategic position to many basic services, makes it really comfortable to reach the school even walking.


Our Offer

Services and extracurricular activities

Grazie alla collaborazione con partner selezionati cerchiamo di offrire allo studente servizi di qualità e a prezzi accessibili.